About Us

We are a very active group with leaders who enjoy new challenges in the outdoors and passing on their experience to youth.

Although our meetings are regularly held at St. Micheal's school, our goal is to have a regular meeting outside at least once a month. Our group participates in activities with all sections (ages 5-14), including investiture, skating parties, shoreline cleanup, santa claus parade, winter camp and banquets. Each section has it's own focus and has their own camps and activities, many involving other groups within Oakville/Burlington.

If you feel that you can contribute to our group, please let us know. Similar to other programs involving youth, there are screening and training requirements before you can work directly with the youth. The majority of leaders in our group are parents of children in the Scouts program who feel strongly about giving back to their community, they do need your help.

To Contact 1st Trafalgar: